Healing Dreams - Part One

Before you can understand the nature of healing dreams, and how you can use them to bring about personal healing and balance in your life, you need to understand the basic mechanism by which the body becomes dis-eased.

Ancient sages recognised seven primary causes for disease. These included physical, spiritual and metaphysical causes. Unfortunately we pay little credence to at least four out of the seven. We are only now starting to realise the part that mental stress underpins our health. We ignore the spiritual, and because both religion and science alike denies the existence of the metaphysical, we simply turn our back on these. They are just too difficult for the medical fraternity, indeed for any 'normal' person to contemplate

Seven Hermetic Causes of Disease

1. evil spirits
2. derangement of the spiritual or mental attitude
3. unbalanced mental attitude
4. law of attraction and compensation
5. the motion and aspects of heavenly bodies
6. misuse of the physical faculty - overuse
7. impurities, foreign substances, (e.g. poisons, toxins)

Seven Hermetic Methods of Healing

1. spells, invocations, spiritual healing
2. healing by vibration incuding music, incantations, chanting and singing
3. talismans, charms and amulets
4. herbs
5. prayer, meditation, the balanced expression of your creativity
6. prevention
7. practical medicine

On the top of my list of the major causes of modern disease is Stress and Substance abuse, primarily the excessive use of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs.

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