Precognitive Dreams

We have all heard stories of people who just managed to catch an ill fated aeroplane and went to their doom. And conversely, we have all heard stories of those that had a dream, slept in, or got caught in a traffic jam on the way to the airport, causing them to miss the same flight and live. All of us are aware, at a deep inner level, just when and where these so-called tragedies are likely to occur. Only, up till now, very few of us have allowed ourselves to let this information bleed through into our conscious day-to-day awareness.

The problem for most of us is that we are programmed to fix problems. To rush to the rescue. To do a good deed. If most of us were aware that flight ABCD from New York to London was about to crash and burn, the switchboards would be jammed trying to stop the event from happening. If just one person has a vivid dream of a plane crash and they ring the authorities they are more likely to be ignored as a crank. Or a terrorist making a veiled threat. But how would the authorities deal with thousands of people ringing with the same information?

If you wake from such a vivid dream in the middle of the night, you need to look closely at the symbols and the people involved. The dream may be symbolic of something else. It may represent a fear that you need to look at more closely. Your interpretation will depend on who else was involved. Do you know the other people in the dream? Are they related to you? Were you in the plane when it crashed? Were you safe at the end of the drama?

Of course, if you were booked on the Wednesday morning flight from New York to London, and you dreamed that the flight would never make it, wouldn't you be tempted to rebook on a different flight? I know I would.

What makes one dream a warning dream? What makes one pre-cognitive? In a way, they are both warning dreams, but with warning dreams the specific outcomes may be more general and not so obvious. With a pre-cognitive dream, you won't know for absolute certain that the dream is pre-cognitive until you read about your dream in the newspaper. When that happens, you usually kick yourself and say, “I knew that was going to happen. I dreamed about it last Monday night.”

The only way you can build up a history of success in picking these dream types is to record your dreams faithfully. Make no judgements at all. Sometime the pre-cognition runs years in advance.

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