Life Cycles

We all know that day-to-day life, in the natural world, is closely linked to the daily rhythms of the planet, particularly the cycles associated with the earth's orbit of the sun and the moon's orbit of the earth. Most of us however don't understand that there are larger cycles. Whether we like to admit the existence of these cycles or not, a basic understanding of them is necessary to decoding both the collective and personal symbols associated with our individual dream stories.

Ancient seers and sages were well aware of these longer cycles, for in those times, all seers were astrologers. From that awareness, humankind began the systematic study of the cycles associated with the sun, moon, planets and stars in more detail. Those initial steps, taken thousands of years ago, ultimately led to the evolution of modern science and the flowering of human consciousness that has allowed us to progress to this point in our collective history.

Until the coming of age of the sciences, during and after the Renaissance, our collective understanding of the symbolism of astrology gradually increased. Unfortunately, with various religious based purges during the middle ages, in combination with the parallel rise, and rise, of science since that time, much of this ancient wisdom has been diluted or simply lost. What fragments remain, are regarded at worst, as superstitious nonsense. At best, a curiosity, but not one that should be given any credence.

Ancient astrologers believed that the relative position of the planets ruled the destiny of humankind. This belief held some prominence, right into our current historical time frame. In modern days however, even this belief has begun to soften and give way. In parallel, the maxim, 'the planets impel, but never compel,' has become the more prominent view held by modern astrologers.

However, to most independent, free thinking people in our modern culture, the idea that a lonely little rock, located way out in space, could have any influence over our daily lives is absurd. To some, the idea is totally repugnant. In a world where we are constantly reminded that we create the reality of our choice, based on our individual and collective choices, the thought that our destiny is pre-ordained, or fixed in some way, seem to most of us, just as abhorrent.

Like many people, Allan found the idea that the planets spelt out the destiny of humans at odds with his understanding that all life was sacred and divine. It ran completely against his understanding that free choice was one of the fundamental truths which underpinned the expression of all phenomena. Real or imaginary. Yet, the more he rebelled against the idea, the more it was thrust in his face.

Taking up the challenge, Allan spent several years trying to prove that Astrology was bunk, But in the end, the more he studied, and the more that was revealed to him within dreams, the more he realised that there was much more to Astrology than met the eye. Much more than most astrologers understood. And that there were more cycles within cycles than most astrologers had ever imagined possible.

Nothing Allan has learned over the last thirty five years, since he started working with dream interpretations, can shake his basic understanding that the expression of creativity with free will is a fundamental truth that applies within all possible realities. That each of us accepts our lives within this reality willingly because of the innate need within consciousness to express its creativity. An expression that is sacred and divine. An expression that allows us to explore our thoughts, beliefs, dreams and desires co-operatively, for all and one to share. In such a co-operative expression, there can be no limits, unless we choose temporarily to accept them for ourselves. But in time, we must abandon even these temporary limitations.

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