Learn about Dreams

Welcome to Allan's recently updated personal web site aimed at providing additional material in support of Allan Sankirtan's published works: Dreams within Dreams, The Dreams of Our Dreaming, Dreams within Dreams, and Fields of Summer Dreams.

The contents of this section deals with only one topic: How to make the most from our common journey through The Dreaming of Consciousness. This content has been developed over a long period to support various workshops. You may download and use this material freely for your personal use, as long as you acknowledge the source.

In browsing these pages, it is hoped that you will find some useful tools that will help you personally. As you explore these concepts within your own lives, may your understanding of yourself, and each other flower.

The end result of this transformative process may help bring about an age in which humankind can express their creativity lovingly, in a co-operative new way. Each of us creating a rich tapestry we willingly share with others. A reality that honours our humanity that is based on core values such as love, mutual respect for each other and for all other forms of life.

May each of you use these ideas to enrich your experience of life, wherever you choose to explore it.

Could we then empower ourselves,
and each other with awareness,
to co-create such a vibrant new world,
here now, within this reality?
Arrh! What then …?

© Allan Sankirtan (Updated September 2013)