Interpreting Your Dreams

Before you start to prohesy about the meaning of your dreams, or someone elses, you need to understand one thing clearly. Dreams are highly symbolical. They are a kaliedoscope of shorthand images condensed like a movie on fast forward. The best dream analyst for you, is actually reading these notes now. Nobody else can tell you exactly the meaning of your dreams. At best, all these notes can do, is give you tools you can use, to make a start on the process yourself.

The symbolism of your multi-dimensional symbols has to be peeled away like the layers of an onion. Embarking on this process consciously is an opportunity for a lifetime of fun, especially if you work with a partner or a close fiend. Allan has had many people come to him five, or ten years after they first recorded a dream, who have told him, "I have finally understood what such and such symbol from my dream means to my life.

It is not that these people are slow learners. The symbols are truly multidimensional. A form of mental shorthand. And when you first start to record them, you won't necessarily know what they are pointing toward. But, just like learning to read, you will soon learn to read and understand each symbol. And, as you delve deeper, you will begin to understand the tiered layers of the symbols and what they actually mean to you personally.

There are many types of dreams, and many books have been written about various types and what they mean. Be careful not to waste your money on books filled with stereotyped interpretations. One particular book, containing thousands of potted dream symbols, is reprinted every year with a new title and a new cover design. Use such books at your own discretion. Dream symbols are multi-dimensional. At best, books of this nature look at one superficial meaning only. At worst, they miss the point totally.

Invariably, the dreams you record will partly reflect the events, and issues, you are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. This is natural because dreams allow the inner self a means of encoding messages for the attention of the day-to-day waking self. Exploring our dreams consciosuly provides us with safe and exciting ways to explore alternatives for our lives; such as ways of resolving conflicts, exploring other opportunities, and exploring our ideas and beliefs. All without leaving the comfort of our home, empowering us to make the best choices for ourselves, our family and friends.

For more information on Dream Types, refer to the notes on Learning Dreams.