Recording Your Dreams - Part One

Many people say that they don't dream, or that they don't remember their dreams. The truth is that we all dream. Dreaming is the natural shorthand language of consciousness. During the dreaming cycles of sleep, each of us can tap directly to the essence of our soul.

There is extensive evidence, that people who have had their sleep, and their natural dream cycles interrupted, either intentionally, accidentally, or as a result of injury or drugs, are likely to suffer severe mental disturbances.

If the pattern of disruption continues, the sleep deprived person will soon begin to have catch up day-dreaming episodes during waking hours. If sleep disruption continues after this, deep phychoses and depression are highly likely. In severe cases, the person will not be able to distinguish which reality he/she is focussed within.

If you don't remember your dreams, you can use the suggestions on these pages to train yourself to remember them when you wake. Sleep cycles normally last for approximately 90 minutes. If you are disturbed within a sleep cycle that is still in process, you will wake disoriented and out of focus.

However, at the end of each sleep cycle, our brain activity increases and we actually come back to a half waking, drifting state of awareness. We are not awake, but we are not fully asleep either.

During these natural stages of half sleep, you can train yourself to wake more easily so that you can recall your dreams. If you keep a notebook near the bed, or a small voice recorder, you can actually make notes in the dark, without having to get up and disturb your partner. You can also learn to consciously explore these half-waking spaces.

Without our dreams, we would be cut off from the inner essence of our being. And to make the most of physical reality, we must learn to work in harmony with our inner self. If you are reading this text, you may find that you naturally begin to remember more and more of your dreams. This is a common reaction from people who consciously choose to explore these ideas. The more seriously you commit yourself to the task, the more you follow through and make the effort to write down and analyse your dreams, the more you will remember and the more fun you will have with them.

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