Healing Dreams - Part Two

Buddha taught the need for us to keep our thoughts and actions balanced. Whenever that balance gets out of kilter, we create the conditions for disease and accidents to manifest within our lives. That balance has to include the mental, the spiritual and the physical. If they are balanced, you stay healthy and happy. Ignore any of them at your peril.

The most common cause of dis-eased states within our bodies is stress. This can arise from emotional stress, mental stress or physical stress and traumatic injury. Mild levels of stress for short periods can stimulate us. But long term or chronic stress alters our body chemistry and weakens our immune system. It compounds its effects, because the more unbalanced we become, the more prone to illness we become and the effects begin to compound and spiral inward. The end result can be a complete physical breakdown, nervous breakdown, stroke, heart attack, ulcers.

You name it, just about every modern ailment can be linked to stress. Much of it self induced. Self administered in various states of unawareness. Almost all of it made by choice, whether we are consciously aware of our choices or not.

Many people say that accidents just happen. Let's face it, many accidents are caused by too much rush, rush. Too much push push. And in our temporary unawareness, things break. We break. Things come unstuck. Not just things, but people and situations become unhinged. Chaos results.

Consider car accidents and pedestrian safety. Visit a hospital casualty ward any Friday or Saturday night and see how many so-called accidents are alcohol or drug related. Research clearly shows that alcohol consumption is implicated in a large percentage of so-called accidents.

Drinking alcohol responsibly, with awareness, is a choice. Excessive drinking is also a choice. And a risk. How much risk are you prepared to subject yourself to? At what point are you prepared to give up responsibility for your choices and their actions? And accept a greater risk of personal trauma?

More accidents and fights are avoided by aware drivers and aware citizens than actually happen. Living with awareness of our collective responsibilities, to ourselves and to each other, is a choice. It's no use saying that an accident 'just happened'. Your choice to live with a lack of awareness is partly responsible for the events you materialise within your life.

Stress is a fact of life. It is how we react to stress that is completely up to us.

Even if you don't suffer from the effects of stress, you can be assured that stress affects someone you are associated with. Family or friend. Nobody seems to be immune from the pressures of modern life and the stresses it creates, wreaking havoc with our frenetic, over crammed daily schedules.

Many people also say they don't have time to get sick. Too inconvenient. Can't go to work. Don't want it to interfere with my first date with a new partner. The start of a new job. A sporting activity. The list of excuses is endless. Nobody wants to get sick. Nobody plans to get sick. But sometimes it just happens.

We get stressed. We feel run down. We get sick. The body demands that we take it off line for a bit of R&R. But what do we do? Ignore the warnings. Ignore the pain. Because our social norms say we have to push through the pain barrier. Because we don't want to lose a days pay, or the experience of an event we have planned for weeks. Or months.

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