Recurring Dreams

When you dream the same dream over and over again, you had better start to take notice of it. Be assured, it is not going to go away until you take positive steps to understand what it is about, and how you are meant to be working with the information presented within the dream.

Of course, not all recurring dreams are unpleasant. You could just as easily be dreaming of a recurring situation where you are relaxing on a tropical island. But remember, one person's heaven could, just as easily, be another person's hell. The idea of being in a remote location, without modern utilities and services, would definitely be a hell on earth for some people.

For two years, Allan and his wife lived , and worked, on a tropical island. After that, the idea of having a holiday on another tropical island was the furtherest thing from their minds. Right at the bottom of the list.

An acquaintance had a recurring dream that she was being chased by a monster through a construction site. She always ended up on top of the scaffolding, throwing herself off in a desperate effort to escape the alternative fate presented by the dream. It wasn't until she worked through the symbols and began to see what it was she was trying to run away from, or avoid, that the dream stopped occurring.

Recurring dreams are pointing to some issue, or challenge, that is relevant to the theme of your life story. The recurrence of the dream is a message that you have not finished addressing the issue. Or, that you are not addressing the issue the way you had planned.

When you begin to record your dreams in a systematic way, once you have written down your troubling dream, it will usually leave you alone. Until then, the symbols just keep coming up, constantly reminding you of the issues you still need to confront. It's up to you what you choose to do about such dreams, but writing down the dream, and a list of the associated concepts and symbols, is certainly a good start.

Refer also to the notes on dream cycles to help understand the longer term, cyclic nature of the way we express our creativity and explore our beliefs, and values, within this so-called reality.

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